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Small but beautiful Frasca has deep roots in China


Frasca International might be based in Urbana, Illinois, in the U. S., but that has not stopped the simulator manufacturer from developing deep and long standing business relationships in the Asia-Pacific.

Established in 1958 by naval pilot and instructor, Rudy Frasca, Frasca was a pioneeering company in the development of simulated training devices. It now has more than 2,200 training devices, developed from its early days until the present, to offer a global client base with a deep and enduring market in the region.

The passion behind the development of Frasca simulated training products - from its early electronic computers to its full flight simulators and training devices of its 2012 product - meant that Frasca International was able to forge a market in the Asia-Pacific for a wide range of clients. Because of the variety, ingenuity and inherent value of its simulation flight training devices, it has developed clients in a market that continues to grow, especially in China and North Asia.

Frasca International customers in the Asia-Pacific include government and flight colleges in China, Chinese airline training centres and privately owned Chinese aviation academies and schools.

Existing customers in Mainland China who operate or own and operate Frasca simulators, include Hubei SkyBlue International Aviation Academy, Nanshan International Flight Academy, Binzhou Flight Academy, CAFUC (Civil Aviation Flight University of China), China Southern Airlines, Shenzhen Kunpeng International Flight Academy, Qingdao Jiutian International Flight Academy and Hainan Aviation Academy.

Frasca manufactures simulators for all aircraft types. It has delivered more than 2,500 simulators to 75 countries. The company has a registered office in Beijing, which provides maintenance and parts replacement and regulatory services for simulator certification and re-certification.

In July, Frasca International, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) confirmed the Hubei Sky-Blue International Aviation Academy in Wuhan, China has received CAAC Level 5 approval fors a Frasca Seminole Flight Training Device.

Reprint From Orient Aviation