We are one of the world's leading providers and promoters of global summits and strategic conferences. We organize and manage high level international networking business events for the aviation industry, develop public relations worldwide and advise organizations for business contacts in the industry as well as challenges and opportunities in both commercial and business aviation.

We provide not only an event service but a global platform for the exchange of ideas and hard–to-find information as well as extensive business networking for the aviation industry.  Creating new innovative events requires extensive market research and new ideas. All the events planned for the future will introduce innovations and the best possible way to network, do business and enhance our knowledge about the latest developments in the industry.

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Civil Aviation Management:
Civil Aviation Management is the only comprehensive periodical in China's civil aviation industry on economy and management at the provincial level. As the monthly periodical for China Civil Aviation Association, it is under the administration of Civil Aviation Administration of China. Edited and published by Civil Aviation Management Institute of China, it is distributed both in China and abroad.
Since the first issue of Civil Aviation Management in 1986, it has dedicated itself to providing services for enterprises in China's civil aviation industry and determined to create a scientific, pioneering, diversified, and lively cultural atmosphere between reality and ideals; leaders and the public; strategy and decision-making; civil aviation industry and the society; Chinese civil aviation and international aviation.
At present, Civil Aviation Management is the major media on civil aviation management with the most readers and largest circulation in the industry.