the 2nd China Aviation
Education & Training Summit 2010

March 3-4th

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With the world's aircraft fleet exwill be delivered between 2009 and 2pected to double over the next 20 years, a total of 29,400 new planes 028 to the global airline market. The MRO market will reach a total value of USD1,190 billion, and more than 17,000 new pilots will be needed each year just for the new planes, even more will be needed to fill the seats of retiring pilots. The Asia Pacific pilot training market became a USD10 billion industry in 2008, and this region will rank as the world's largest aviation market in the forecast for new airplanes in terms of both units required and market value.


China's aviation market will see an annual increase of 7.9% in next two decades and will need an average of 2,162 new pilots a year. High quality and cost effective aviation training solutions are become much more important for the success of any airline today. China Southern invests a total of USD75 million in im

proving the hardware facilities of their flight training base, while China Eastern Airlines and the Civil Aviation University of China, Tianjin (CAUC) just have signed contracts with Flight Training Australia to train cadet airline pilots to meet the future demand. Also, Air China is continuing to invest in various training programs for pilots, MRO, cabin safety and flight operations. All these airline’s performance boosts the positive outlook on aviation education and training business in China.


With these issues in mind and in view of the success of last year’s event, the CATA will host the 2nd China Aviation Education & Training Summit 2010 in Shanghai, and bring together key executives from its member airlines onto one platform to discuss ways to meet the fast growing needs of the AET industry in Asia. This event will also serve as an important learning & networking platform for CATA member airlines, international training centres, MRO training service providers, cabin crew training service providers, training equipment suppliers and aviation security training service providers to understand future needs & requirements for AET and exploit more opportunities in this promising market.