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Despite huge growth in the number of passengers boarded in recent years, airlines are struggling to turn demand, and even increased revenue, into profits. With high fuel and labor costs, as well as intense competition, industry profit margins remain weak, at single-digit percentage points in the aggregate. The business of flying people around the world is always under pressure; therefore, airlines have invested in diversifying their revenue streams to maintain long-term stability. No longer is simply selling and operating a core seat product profitable in most domestic markets and nearly all international markets. However, the shift from providing only a seat to providing a variety of personalized travel services across the entire trip experience has been slow and still requires significant maturity. Still, 98 percent of airlines plan to invest in expanded ancillary services in the next three years to become better retailers and drive incremental revenue. (2014 SITA IT Trends survey1)
The annually China Airline Ancillary Revenue & Merchandising Conference is the only event in China, which focus on providing a communication platform between Airlines from China and abroad and industry suppliers to share ideas, learn the new solutions and establish the potential business opportunities, and help Airlines to increase more ancillary revenues.
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尽管最近几年出游乘客大幅增长,但是航空公司仍然挣扎与转型甚至在为盈利做挣扎。随着经济的发展,民航客流呈现大幅度增长, 但高油价,高人力成本,及其他交通方式的竞争冲击使得航空业盈利能力严重不足,呈现单位数百分比增长。世界范围内出差群体也饱受压力;因此航空公司都在投资于多领域的营收来来保持长久的稳定性。为实现较高的盈利能力航空公司必须谋求转型。国内外大多数航空公司都不再仅仅依靠卖座位或者运营核心舱位产品来盈利,而是开发多领域的营收以保持长久的业绩稳定。然而,从单纯的提供座位和飞行服务到为乘客整个旅游体验提供个性化服务这一转变对航空公司来说是一项任重而道远的挑战。
  未来三年超过98% 的航空公司仍然计划通过投资来拓宽增值服务渠道。实现从航空运输到综合零售的转变从而挖掘更多收益。航空公司现在已经能从一些特定的飞行增值服务中获得长期利润,比如提前登机,WIFI,超重行李收费及舒适座位挑选等。如何拓展登机前与乘客到达目的地后的增值服务? 如何通过提升乘客飞行体验增加增值收入? 如何利用技术创新突破现有增值收入瓶颈,拓展更过增值收入渠道?成了摆在航空公司面前的问题。中国航空增值收入及商品营销高峰论坛作为国内唯一一个专注于民航增值收入的专业交流平台将邀集业内专家,航空公司,技术供应商,品牌商共同破解增值收入难题。启发创新,促进合作。

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