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The Annually China Aviation New Technology Forum is the only event in China that focuses wholly on the key, strategic issues that affect the operating of commercial aircraft and helps all airline departments to manage the operational benefits and the revenue opportunities available with connected airplanes.

It not only provides Chinese airlines with a one stop solution to streamline and increase efficiency within their aircraft operating procedures, but also the outstanding opportunity to demo the latest solutions on front of 40 attending airlines from China and around APAC.

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中国航空新技术发展论坛致力于为国内航空公司提供一个了解世界范围内最先进的飞行运行技术包括电子飞行包连接技术、驾驶舱电子化实施新技术、飞机接入解决方案、客舱电子通讯技术、飞行数据实时监测技术、飞行跟踪技术,电子技术日志等并向供应商咨询、探讨有关运行技术的解决方案及如何解决自身正使 用中的系统所存在的问题等一站式的服务平台。

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