Why join us?

    Key Issues to be addressed

    • No.1 airport commercial & retail event in China
    • 2 + days informative and imposing summit
    • 10+ exhibitors
    • 25+ high-level & renowned speakers
    • 35+ leading China airports
    • 80+ pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings
    • 200+ senior level attendees from global airport and travel retail industry
    • Should airports and concessionaires collaborate on airport loyalty programme covering airports all around the world so passengers can receive multiple benefits wherever they travel?
    • Should there be one airport app for passengers to use rather than hundreds of individual airport apps, and what might this offer commercially for industry stakeholders
    • How successful have loyalty programmes by airlines, parking operators, concessionaires etc been and what lessons could be learned from these programmes by airports?
    • In today's world consumers have great power to define how and what they want to buy - how do we bring more personalization to spending in an airport context?
    • Would a greater sense of theatre/experience increase spending?
    • Do we need to introduce more local and original concepts to convert more passengers into changing their purchasing habits?
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